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Office and Shop
Building #5
Ferry Street and Avenue C
Leetsdale, Pennsylvania 15056-1384

Telephone: 412-741-1500     FAX: 412-741-3320

  Extension Title
 Paul Bittner 106 pjbittner@multiservicesupply.com Vice President
Multi-Service Supply Division
 Mark Jackovic 105 markj@multiservicesupply.com General Sales Manager
Multi-Service Supply Division
 Kevin Mitchell kmitchelle@multiservicesupply.com  
 Bill Bittner wmbittner@multiservicesupply.com  
 Herb Henry 109 hhenry@multiservicesupply.com  
  Shipping 104    
 Accounts Payable 101    
 Accounts Receivable 100    
 General Information 100 info@multiservicesupply.com