§ 232.217 Train brake tests conducted using yard air.

(a) When a train air brake system is tested from a yard air source, an engineer’s brake valve or a suitable test device shall be used to provide any increase or reduction of brake pipe air pressure at the same, or slower, rate as an engineer’s brake valve.

(b) The yard air test device must be connected to the end of the train or block of cars that will be nearest to the controlling locomotive. However, if the railroad adopts and complies with written procedures to ensure that potential overcharge conditions to the train brake system are avoided, the yard air test device may be connected to other than the end nearest to the controlling locomotive.

(c) Except as provided in this section, when yard air is used the train air brake system must be charged and tested as prescribed by § 232.205(c) and when practicable should be kept charged until road motive power is coupled to train, after which, a Class III brake test shall be performed as prescribed by § 232.211.

(1) If the cars are off-air for more than 24 hours, the cars must be retested in accordance with § 232.205(c) through (f).

(2) At a minimum, yard air pressure shall be 60 psi at the end of the consist or block of cars opposite from the yard test device and shall be within 15 psi of the regulator valve setting on yard test device.

(3) If the air pressure of the yard test device is less than 80 psi, then a brake pipe leakage or air flow test shall be conducted at the operating pressure of the train when the locomotives are attached in accordance with § 232.205(c)(1).

(d) Mechanical yard air test devices and gauges shall be calibrated every 92 days. Electronic yard test devices and gauges shall be calibrated annually. Mechanical and electronic yard air test devices and gauges shall be calibrated so that they are accurate to within ±3 psi.

(e) If used to test a train, a yard air test device and any yard air test equipment shall be accurate and function as intended. [66 FR 4193, Jan. 17, 2001, as amended at 67 FR 17583, Apr. 10, 2002; 85 FR 80573, Dec. 11, 2020]