Unit Exchange Program

When locomotive and freight car downtime is not an option.

Our Unit Exchange Program is where we send out a refurbished air brake valve that our customer can promptly install and then send us back the core to help reduce downtime of locomotives and cars.

How it works

Multi-Service Supply realized the importance of unit exchange early on when confronted by many short lines in need of FRA-required air brake change-outs — but the lines could not afford to take the unit out of service. See our simple and customer-friendly solution below.

Identify what you need

Step 1: Identify what you need

We service over one hundred short lines, regionals, and class ones and can help identify what is needed.

Place an order

Step 2: Place an order

Unit Exchange valves are shipped and invoiced to our customer.

Ship the used valves

Step 3: Ship the used valves

You have 45 days from the shipment date of the order to ship your used valves to us. Not returning the used valves does result in an additional invoice for the outright purchase.

Receive a reminder

Step 4: Receive a reminder

We will send a reminder of the material that is owed in a monthly letter with your order number, item description, MSS invoice number and shipment date.

Unit Exchange Program

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As the purchasing manager with Lake State Railway Co. I work with many vendors. Multi Service has been one of the best companies to purchase from. Always professional, prompt and friendly. I appreciate all the time and hard work Mark Jackovic puts in during his long day. Thank you Multi Service! Your time and service is appreciated!
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