Unit Exchange Program

Multi-Service Supply’s Unit Exchange program is a unique way for a buyer to purchase air brake valves when replacements are required and waiting for repair is not an option, it is not consignment. Valves purchased on unit exchange are invoiced at our standard reconditioning price and the customer has 45 days from the shipment date of the order to ship their used valves (freight prepaid) to us. Not returning the used valves in exchange does result in an additional invoice for the outright purchase of the used valve (core).  As a courtesy, Multi-Service Supply will send a reminder of the material that is owed on unit exchange in a monthly letter. The letter details the buyers purchase order number with an item description, the associated MSS invoice number and the date of the shipment. It also reflects the value of the core that will be invoiced if not returned.

We realized the importance of unit exchange early on when confronted by many short lines in need of FRA required air brake change-outs. They could not afford to take the unit out of service while waiting for valves to be repaired and asked us for assistance. Multi-Service Supply now services over one hundred short lines and has documented the air brakes required on hundreds of locomotives. We have designed a program that is very simple and customer friendly. The concern of what to order is no longer an issue for you, the customer.

If you are interested in our unit exchange program and want more information, please contact us at info@multiservicesupply.com. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation to be completed to get you on your way.

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